November 24, 2020

Market Update: November 24

There is a massive parallel in the Dow at about 30900 that is worth noting. The line crosses the 2007 and 2018 highs and high from early this year. The line equidistant from the median line (concept symmetry) was support in March. These parallels are based on the line that connects the 1932 and 1982 lows (see monthly chart below).
November 23, 2020

Market Update: November 23

Gold tagged proposed resistance on Friday and dumped today…beautiful. Price is quickly approaching the long held support near 1780. This level is an important parallel and the lower channel line from the bearish channel off of the August high. I’ll be paying close attention to 1780 for reversal evidence.
November 23, 2020

Market Update: November 22

S&P 500 futures continues to stairstep lower. I am looking lower. Price ideally stays under 3583. Initial focus is 3456.75 with 3506.50 as a possible bounce spot. On the sentiment front, hedge funds are all in and short interest is at an all-time low (see charts below).
November 19, 2020

Market Update: November 19

Assets prices were down in early U.S. trading as the USD rallied but everything reversed course when the magical U.S. session got underway (stocks up, metals up, USD down, etc.). I still like gold lower but a bit more strength may be in order to test resistance near 1876.
November 18, 2020

Market Update: November 18

Neither SPX or the Nasdaq have broken above their reversal day highs from last week (11/9). What’s more, SPX has reversed yet again from the line that connects highs since 2018. Don’t forget that this line crosses major pivots for the last 88 years (monthly chart is below). U.S. equity valuation is at a peak as well (see 2 charts down).
November 17, 2020

Market Update: November 17

Bitcoin! Heads up because ‘digital gold’ is quickly approaching its all time high of 19666. Just under this level is a parallel that crosses major levels (mostly from 2015 to 2017). BTCUSD is a long term bull but I’m of the mind that we see a strong reaction from the parallel/all time high.
November 16, 2020

Market Update: November 16

Copper is at new highs and again testing channel resistance. Be aware of the potential for failure up here again. If strength persists then know that the 2017 high is at 3.2220. A push above there would put copper at its highest level since 2014!
November 16, 2020

Scandex Technical Weekly: 11/15/2020

USDCNH made a weekly J Spike last week (price based only indicator). The platform that I use to run these studies only includes USDCNH data since 2013 and this is the first bullish signal. There have been several bearish signals; at the 2018 and 2019 highs. A turn higher in USDCNH ‘fits’ with a turn lower in Chinese equities.
November 12, 2020

Market Update: November 12

It was relatively quiet today but bullish evidence continues to mount for the USD. USDCAD, for example, followed through on its reversal from a 13 month low. The rally is impulsive (5 waves), which suggests that an weakness should prove corrective and give way to additional strength. Proposed support is 1.3025/50.
November 11, 2020

Market Update: November 11

NZDUSD has ripped into the confluence of long term downward sloping channel resistance and short term upward sloping channel resistance. I’m interested in the short side IF we see some reversal evidence over the next 2 days (rest of the week). A drop below the high volume level from RBNZ at .6862 would be an early sign of a reversal.
November 10, 2020

Market Update: November 10

Silver has been trending lower since August 6th and put in a large bearish outside day on Monday. Focus is towards the lower channel line near 20.65, which is currently just above the 200 day average. Resistance should be about 24.56 (see 4 hour chart below). A downside bias is reinforced by the fact that VWAP from the high was resistance on SLV on Monday (see 2 charts down).
November 9, 2020

Market Update 11/9 – Important Stock Market Signal

TLT has reached the long term parallel that was noted as the ‘critial level to pay attention to’ several weeks ago. Simply, this is a major decision point. Weakness below would be a game changer but support is support until broken so I’m thinking bounce.
November 9, 2020

Market Update 11/8 – November is for turkey!

DXY continues to trade at/just above a major long term level. Nothing has changed. This is support until broken (daily closing basis at least). The UUP (see below) warns that last week’s drop is a trap. The red bars on the UUP chart show when price closed at a 52 week low with volume at least as high as it was last week (1.8 x the 13 week average). Every instance except one (highlighted in yellow) was a capitulation low. Stay tuned.
November 4, 2020

Market Update: November 4

EURUSD traded into resistance as early polls closed, tanked to its lowest since 7/24 and then ended the day unchanged. So 2020. Bottom line, resistance was hit so I favor the short side. Weakness below 1.1700 (most recent high volume level and support in August and October) would warrant taking a shot.
November 3, 2020

Market Update 11/3 – All About the USD!

We got the bounce as suspected and Nasdaq futures are approaching proposed resistance near 11415. I’m on alert for a turn lower from that level.
November 2, 2020

Market Update: November 2

USDOLLAR traded into the center line of the channel from the September low today and immediately pulled back. Proposed support is 12050 or so. The top of the channel intersects where the rally would consist of 2 equal legs at 12268 on 11/18. The 38.2% retrace of the decline from the March high is just above there at 12283 and the 200 day average is currently 12284 (see below). So, a slight pullback and then higher? It certainly ‘fits’ with general seasonality and election seasonality.
November 1, 2020

Scandex Technical Weekly: 11/1/2020

Another month is in the books and SPX continues to trade ‘heavily’ under the its ‘meridian line’. An inside month formed in October. Recall that September was an outside bearish month (see the close up view below). Of note is XHB (homebuilders), which made a monthly volume reversal in October (see below). Is this one of the last segments of the market to put in a top?
October 29, 2020

Market Update: October 29

The USDCNH, DXY non-confirmation nailed the turn again. Upside is favored for the USD over the next few weeks but there are reasons to suspect that the USD pulls back slightly (so maybe a bounce in equities too). USDCNH pattern is one of those reasons. The rally from the low is in 5 waves so expectations are for a 3 wave pullback. That pullback is underway. The proposed support zone is 6.6690-6.6880.
October 28, 2020

Market Update: October 28

Bitcoin made a volume reversal today. The high was right at the top of a channel too. The longer term chart is extremely bullish but price could drop to back to 10,000 or just below and still be bullish on a longer term basis. Near term, the BTCUSD reversal lower doesn’t bode well for ‘risk assets’ in general. No, BTCUSD is not a ‘safe haven’. It’s been moving with everything else all year. The ONLY safe haven in the current environment is the USD (maybe Yen and US treasuries too).
October 27, 2020

Market Update 10/27: U.S. Election Preview

In case you haven’t heard, there are elections (president, congress, senate) in the U.S. next Tuesday, November 3rd. Do markets, notably the U.S. Dollar, tend to trade a certain way before and after U.S. presidential elections? In an attempt to answer this question, I plotted DXY in the 3 months leading up to and one month after every election since 1972 (blue for a Democratic win and Red for a Republican win). Each time series is compared to current DXY (in black). The vertical black line indicates election day. You’ll find these charts at the end of this report.
October 26, 2020

Market Update: October 26

I’m treating the area around 11600 as near term bull/bear dividing line for Nasdaq futures. As long as price is below this level, I am looking lower. 10989 is a level to be aware of within the range with broader focus on 10300-10442. This is the 7/24 low and 2 equal legs down from the September high.
October 23, 2020

Scandex Technical Weekly: 10/23/2020

2011-2014 trendline support in DXY held in September. Focus is higher as long as price is above that level. 96-97 is a general zone to look towards. This zone includes the 200 week average and center line of the channel from the 2011 low.